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About Platinum Graphics

Our Company...In A Nutshell

The Platinum Graphics story began in 2006 when, newly married Bryan and Trenice McMillian decided to start a business.

The couple had a thousand dollars to their name at the time and Bryan decided to push majority of their funds into buying equipment and supplies for a t-shirt business.  Five hundred of those dollars went toward a heat press.  Trenice, questioning the purpose of what she felt was a very large iron, went along with her husband's idea.  After creating designs and printing shirts for free to get the word out, the couple went about their everyday lives.  Trenice asked Bryan, "how do you know the phone will ring?" and he replied "You just gotta have faith..."

Over ten years later, Platinum Graphics is the most innovative and professional t-shirt shop in the New Orleans area.  They are also the number one company in the city of New Orleans for lifesized posters and custom t-shirts.

Our Mission

Platinum Graphics' mission is to produce the most creative design that represents the life of loved ones in the most awesome way possible.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish Platinum Graphics as the leading company in creative design for the celebration of life.

Connect With Us

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