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Online orders have been disabled until further notice.  Please stop by the SHOP or give us a CALL/TEXT to place your orders.


Yes, we do ship products to our customers.  Shipping can be done online when you are placing a new order or ordering a shirt for an upcoming event.  Please note that if you choose shipping and we feel that the window is too short for your package to make it on time, we will refund the shipping if the order can be picked up or we will cancel and refund the entire order if it can't be picked up by a friend or family member in the New Orleans area.  This will happen if you request us to ship your item the same week of your event.  We do not offer the option to expedite or rush shipping.


We technically do not accept any returns, cancellations or exchanges nor do we give refunds unless the request for one of these options is by fault of Platinum Graphics.  

For example:

If you ordered the wrong size shirt, realized it doesn't fit and wanted to exchange it, unfortunately we will not give you the size you need unless the event that the shirt is for is popular enough for us to be able to resell that shirt.  If we feel that we have not been getting enough requests for the shirt to resell it, you will have to purchase the size you need.

If you ordered one size and we gave you the wrong size, we will, at that point, give you the size that you originally ordered at no additional cost.  If you choose to not get the correct size and would rather a refund for that shirt in particular, we will refund you for it.

If you request to cancel an order that we have never started, meaning we haven't designed nor printed anything, we will then grant you your refund request.

If you request to cancel an order, we have already created the design and you have approved it, we will grant your refund request minus the $25 setup fee for putting time into creating your order.  If your total came up to less than the setup fee, you will receive no refund back.


Setup fees are charged for two reasons.  One, is if you choose to have multiple designs for the same event.  On your first design the fee is waived, but every different design we create after that will have a setup fee.

For example:

If you have an event where you want certain people, such as family, to wear sketch shirts and want friends to wear standard shirts, you will have to pay a setup fee for one out of the two designs.

The second reason a design fee will be charged is if we create a design and you don't want anybody else with it, meaning it's private and just for you or specific people.  


A chargeback is when a customer says that the purchase they made was fraudulent or not authorized by them and the bank, in turn, takes the money back from our company and returns it to the customer.

These type of actions does not look good for our small business.  This is why we make every effort to reach out to our customers in regards to their orders via email and text to keep you in the loop of what's going on.  Unfortunately, some customers will still make a chargeback claim even when the order was received on time and to their satisfaction.

Please be advised that if we receive a chargeback from a customer, we will no longer accept credit card, debit card order or prepaid card orders from them.  It will have to be cash only if they choose to continue doing business with us.  If an online order is placed from a customer that has a previous chargeback with us, it will be automatically refunded.  This action is taken to protect our company from any further money and supply loss as well as the negative impact that is reflected on our merchant account.


The difference between these two options is that you save money when you are paying with cash versus paying with a credit card.  All credit card payments are subject to 9.45% tax being added to your total.

For example:

If you buy four shirts from us at $20 each, you'll be paying $80 in cash or $87.56 with your card.

The choice is really up to you, but if you hear us ask, "cash or card",  please note there is a price difference.  For one shirt, it may not be a big deal, but with multiple items, the tax really adds up.


When an order is placed for a brand new design, we create a public link for you to share with friends and family so they can place orders online for the same design you created.

Initially when the link is created there is a default photo saying design coming soon.  Family and friends can still place orders even though the design has not been created.  The design will be added to the link once the person that initiated the design has approved it to be printed as is.

If you have requested a private design, you will receive a private link to pass along to friends and family.  Please note that if someone has on a shirt with your private design it's because you or someone you passed the link on to passed it along to someone else.  We are not responsible for safeguarding your link once we've given it to you.  It is your job to make the people you pass the link to aware that it is a private link.


When customers come to pick up their orders from the shop, it will be in a black bag with their name on it as well as an order number.  It is the customer's responsibility to check their bags before they leave the shop to ensure everything they ordered is there and correct.  

Please note that once you leave the shop, whatever is missing will have to be paid for.  We take this action because once the customer has left, we can't guarantee that the item was actually missing or if they realized they needed another one, forgot to order it and just say it's missing to get the item for free.

If one customer is picking up multiple orders, it is the responsibility of that customer to contact those people he or she is picking the shirts up for.  You must have the order number for every person to pick up their orders.  Just giving us the name will no longer suffice.  This is to avoid customers making a blank trip to the shop to pick up their stuff and it not being there.  We make every effort to ensure that everything that is ordered is in the bags, but do know that if you don't check the bags before leaving and something is missing, it will have to be paid for to be replaced.

If we are going to be closed and know that you have not picked up your order yet, we will place your order in one of the drop boxes outside of the shop and send you the combination via text message.


When a customer does not want to use the average shirts we offer in the shop, he/she is allowed to bring their own clothing.  There are certain garments we cannot print on due to heat restrictions and there are also garments we can't print on because of the way they are made.  Heat restricted garments will be something like sweaters made with yarn or they have a plastic feel to them like windbreakers or raincoats.  Garments like stretch tank tops that have the line patterns or ridges embedded in it cannot be pressed because when the design is on it and the customer put it on, the design will stretch and pop.

Please note that you bring your own garments to us at your own risk.  Many times, especially with light colored clothing, once the heat hits it, it reveals invisible stains.  These stains happen from the way people handle the clothes while fumbling thru the racks and trying them on.  They may have had sticky fingers, touched the clothing and when put it under the heat, the stain, that wasn't there when you bought it, is not revealed.  We will not refund nor discount you for an invisible stain revealed from the heat.


Customers can initiate orders online via our website and also purchase designs that are already for their event on there as well.  When ordering, the customer can choose their design, choose multiple shirt sizes and products and after their order is paid for, they can submit their custom info like pictures, special colors and text via a form on the thank you confirmation page.

If we receive an order from a customer, but have not received the form with the additional customizations on it, we will send a link to you via text message to fill it out.  If we do not receive that order form in a timely fashion, the order will be cancelled and refunded.

We ask for your event date when you place your order.  That event date is very important in regards to creating a design link for your friends and family.  We ask that you please do not put the date you want to pick your order up as the event date.  You giving us the actual day of the event lets us know how long we can leave the link online and when to schedule it to be taken down.

When your order is fulfilled and ready, you will receive an email letting you know to pick it up.


Approving a design is one of the most important things we require from our customers.  We will not print a design if we do not get a YES.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept "I love it", "that's fine", "ok" or the like as an approval.  It has to be a YES.

It is the customer's job to make sure he/she looks over the entire design carefully to ensure we have not made the following possible errors

  • all of the text, names and dates are correct

  • all of the spelling and/or grammar is correct

  • your design colors are correct

  • your photos are correct

  • the design style you chose is correct

Colors on your phone, computer or tablet may not match exactly with the printed ink colors.  Replying YES means your design will be printed as is with no changes.  Replying NO means we will not print the design as is, but will make the changes you request.

Once your design is approved, we will process your order for printing. No changes can be made once the design is printed.  If you notice an error on the final product after you have given us the "yes" to print the items as is, you will have to pay full price to get new items printed.

This is VERY IMPORTANT because we are creating designs for multiple people all day and we are not perfect.  We do make mistakes and we do miss things or type something wrong even if it's correct on your paperwork.  Please be our extra set of eyes and make sure your items look exactly the way you want them to look because unfortunately, if we print it and you notice it on the final product, you will have to pay full price for reprints.


Discounts are 10% off and are given on bulk orders when requested and under certain conditions.

  • You must have 20 shirts or more to qualify for the discount.

  • All shirts must be the exact same way.

  • All shirts must be ordered at the same time.

  • All shirts must be paid in full at the time of ordering.

Exact same shirts means nothing can be different on it design wise.  For example:  if you order a white shirt, front only, sketch print style in red with Happy Birthday Lee on it, every last shirt has to be that way.  One can't have a back added, one can't change the color, one can't have cousin instead of Lee. They all have to look exactly the same way.

Ordered at the same time means the 20 or more shirts you ordered in that moment is what gets the discount.  If you come back and add another shirt to that order, you will pay regular price for that shirt.  We are not giving discounts for each additional shirt ordered just  because you started out with 20+ shirts.  The only way you will get the discount is if you add on 20 or more shirts. No exceptions.


Paid in full at the time of purchase means that when we give you the discounted total, you need to pay it all out.  You cannot put a deposit down on a discounted price.


If a customer places an order and forgets about it or never picks it up, we still hold on to the order.  Please note that we do not hold on to the orders forever because we do not have storage space for that.  The most we'll hold on to the order is one full year.  After the year, we will throw the item away.  We do not give refunds for orders that have been sitting for a year so please remember to pick them up or send a friend or family member to retrieve it for you.

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